Virus Alert – NHS Ransomware

Virus Alert – NHS Ransomware

As many of you may have read, the NHS was hit by a major virus in the past 48 hours. The virus type is known as Ransomware and this particular version is called ‘Wannacry’.

It essentially locks your files and requests you pay a ransom to have the deactivation key to unlock them. In most cases, paying the ransom still won’t unlock the files.

The encryptions used by these attacks are very complex and virtually impossible to decipher without the original coder who wrote the virus.

The delivery of this virus is normally by email. You will receive an email from someone you know which will ask you to download an attachment of some sort or ask you to click on a link that will then download a file to your system. The attachment or downloaded file may be .zip file or even a .docx (word), .xlsx (excel), .pptx or .ppsx (powerpoint) file. If you open up this file it will ask you to run a macro embedded in the file to unlock the security of the file. This is false, what it is doing is downloading a file in the background that will go through your system and encrypt all your files.

Please be very vigilant when downloading documents from your emails. Although their is antivirus installed on your systems, if it can find a way through the security and firewall of NHS servers and systems that are multilevel, it can find its way into any system.

If you are unsure about any email, please forward it to NetCreater ( and and will check it before you download it.