Before you create a website read this

Before you create a website read this

Things to consider before launching your website

Deciding to launch a website is a big, yet a necessary step – and one that is vital to the success of any business in the 21st century. However, it’s definitely not a decision that should be made hastily, and one of the biggest mistakes business owners make is rushing the development just to ‘get something out there’. One of the great things about the Internet is that web pages can be modified constantly, however, if the structure of your site is not right, not only could you lose business, but you could also lose thousands in rebuild fees.

So, consider this your pre-website checklist to ensure you’re set up for success before the first click.

First things first, you need to know why you are launching a website. This will be the driving force behind your decisions when it comes to the site. Are you trying to expand your market? Are you hoping to reach millennials? Do you want more brand exposure? Or perhaps you’re wanting to get into eCommerce? Whatever your reason, this should be clear before you begin planning.

Once you’ve worked out your ‘why’ goal-setting should be easy. You just need to work out what you want your website to do. Ask yourself what action or outcome you want from your site visitors. Do you want to create more leads, generate inquiries, make sales, or perhaps you want them to sign up to a newsletter so that you can market to them directly? Whatever your goal, knowing this will help drive the site development.

As with traditional marketing, successful engagement relies on you having a clear idea of who you are as a brand. Start with the basics: who is your target? What tone do you want the copy to have? How are you different from your competitors? Your site will need to highlight – and reinforce your unique selling point as this is what will drive action. On top of this, your brand’s styling needs to be consistent across all your assets so that there is strong brand recognition between your on-and-offline marketing.

Next, you need to think about what will go on your website. What products and services do you want to highlight and/or advertise, and in what order do you want to show them? Once this is decided you need to think about the content for your site. Lack of content is one of the major causes of time delays when developing a new website, and can hold up a launch by months. If you think about and prepare some content for your site you’ll be at an advantage from the get-go.

With so many devices available to the consumer, the need for a responsive site is even more essential. First and foremost you need to ensure you have a mobile-friendly website, and that your web design agency has created it so that it displays correctly across most, if not all popular devices. This means, that however, your potential clients search your site, it’s in the most appropriate and easy to read format – and that ease brings you closer to your desired outcome (whether that be a sale, an enquiry or another action).

Now you’re almost ready to create your site. However, if you – like many others – do not have the time or skills to develop your own site, you need to consult with web development specialists. At NetCreater we specialise in WordPress web design (one of the most popular and easy-to-use content management systems) and the Magento eCommerce system. We pride ourselves on offering a tailored approach to web development, putting the needs of your individual business first, and always create high-quality responsive sites that follow best industry practices.